Friday, November 20, 2009


After running helplessly for 1 year we got the solution. We came to know that some evil powers had over come her and her legs were jammed by them. Because of which she can't walk properly.We came to know about it when a great person came in our life which is like a god for us and my whole family. GURUJI told us that she was attacked by the evil powers and he will explain all about it if we will worship GOD IN MEHNDI PUR BALAJI. We started with all the worship, me and my wife with other family members worshiped the god for 41 days (known as Parhej). During these days we are not allowed to eat healthy food.We got about some very tough time all that 41 days in the hope that we will get all the good returns from it. In the hope that we will get our little daughter's, smile, playing and all that she want to do, back.

It is hardly to believe that we started getting the results in 25 days. God has all the powers and by his powers only, we were getting to know all about her problem. She had overcome by some evil powers because of which no doctors can explain her problem. Doctors told that she will regain her health by some medicines and exercises, but can take some time.

Now my daughter Khushi is 3 years and is recovering from the problem and gaining her health. She has started walking herself and can mange to balance her body.


It was the holy place of the small place named SARSOL. The place is near to my city (30 kms.). Here at this place a deity of Balji is present in the similar way as Mehndi pur. The god here is also same and has same powers as in Mehndi pur. It was this place where Guruji comes every month and stays there for 5 to 8 days.

The place is like a jungle and Guruji give all the cure to his devotees. He don't take any money for it. I don't want to tell more about him here because we truly believe in him.This place is so holy that all the evil powers fear to come here. All the powers don't want to enter the boundaries of this temple. This all is said here from our personal experiences which we had here and can't explain them in any manner.

Neither these all will be believable nor we have the powers to explain the powers of God BALAJI in front of evil affects. We know that Balaji is a god of all the powers which can cure any disease, any evil affects, above all it has all the powers which can make a dead man alive..........



But when this all was happening we had stopped giving all the medicines and exercises to our daughter. By the Powers of Shree Balaji all had opened like a book infront of all. It was an evil spirit on her which was sent deliberately to her and to harm her. It is neither appropraiate nor important to mention that who deliberately does all this. But It all appeared infront of us. The powers of evil spirit were transferred FROM MY DAUGHTER TO ME and the evil power accepted all the harm it had made to my daughter and my family in 1 year. It also accepted that it was because of him only that my daughter can't walk properly.

All this was accepted from my mouth by the powers inside me. But it was magical to see that all the evil powers failed infront of the powers of God. At last evil powers felt sorry infront of the god Balaji in sarsol and pray for its MUKTI infront of guruji. Guruji helped the evil powers to get their prayers approved from god and snatched them away from my body.

Now its the time when we all were free from the evil affects in our family.
This I know is very difficult to believe. But when the other members in my family and society see all that, they also believed, what they don't believe in when it was told verbly to them some time back. We all know that Me and my family will always believe in Shree Balaji and will always worship for him either any one believe in it or not. We also worship GURUJI after our god because of whom all these good time is again flowing in our family.