Thursday, February 25, 2010

Khushi at the Engagement Party of her Mama.

We all are very much pleased and delighted about our Khushi that she is now able to walk on her feet and can dance as beautifully as before. She is gaining much control over her body day by day. It was 25-12-09 when it’s the engagement party function of Khushi’s Mama (brother of her Mother).

Khushi is very happy at the time and she is feeling very nice, she danced, she sang and run in the whole house to tell about the engagement function of her Mama. She is telling each and every person in the family that “My ‘Mami’ is about to come and she will she will give candies and chocolates to me.”
My daughter Khushi is very fond of doing makeup, putting nail colors, putting bangles in her tender and delicate arms, lips gloss and colors on her beautiful and soft lips and also loves to do every possible thing that a glamorous model loves to do.

We all were very much excited about the party and about doing all the fun with Khushi in the party as this is the very first party after the recovery of the Khushi. We were thinking that Khushi could this time spend the much happy moments of her age at this time because now she can walk, dance and enjoy well without the help of any one, as before.

We were in the party where there was a DJ floor. When we entered the party hall Khushi was much delighted to see the DJ floor as she loves to dance on the high music. She got there and loved to be there for hours. We all are much pleased to see the happiness of our little daughter. Her Nana (grandfather), her Nani (grandmother) and her Mausi (sister of Mother), Mausa (Husband of Mausi) all seems to be very happy at the moment and the happiness of khushi has just doubled the enjoyment.

We just enjoyed the scene with the watered eyes, as we were feeling very much emotional and happier at the same time. These tears are the happy tears. These tears are for these happy moments which we have seen after a long time. We have spent some very moments in this party. Khushi was singing, dancing and getting much excited in the party. She seems to have much fun which she could not get because of her problem for one year

She was saying to her Mami that “I like putting makeup and lipsticks and will you do that all for me after getting married from my Mama” and her Mami said “Ok” to her.  This was a very funny moment for every one present there. My daughter Khushi is so much lovable at that time that we cannot even manage to get her out of the sight even for a second.

Here are some of the beautiful pictures of my daughter with me and my wife and her Mausi and Mausa in the left. In another picture she is with her grandmother whom she calls as 'DAA'.