Friday, March 26, 2010


As you all know that My Daughter Khushi has visited the Engagement Party of her Mama very gladly and she was very happy then, she is now preparing for the marriage of her mama. She is doing all the purchasing for her self and doing all that which can enjoy her as a three years old girl. 

She is also now very well and has gained much relief from the problem she got caught from. She is very fine at present and can walk much properly now. Although she is not 100% right at this time but she is almost gained her walking, dancing, playing and all that 75%. 

We all are now very much confident about her that she will be all right in a month or two or as god will like to...
We have full faith in the God Mehndi Pur Balaji and have full confidence that they will surely treat my Daughter Khushi as they could to make her life full of pleasure and fun...
So leaving it for now as I am also very busy with the preparation of her Mama's wedding and all that as we are all very excited about it. i will surely add some of the pics and details about her Mama's wedding in coming few posts...

For your knowledge the wedding is in coming month of July and we are doing much purchasing for it. And if you want to read regularly about My Daughter Khushi regularly please do not forget to subscribe at the right hand corner with the help of you E mail id to get all the details of it when i will post more and more. Alternatively you can also join me at my face book AND Twitter profile and my pages and at networked blogs at face book just at the right hand side of the sidebar of this web page.....


Monday, March 22, 2010

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