Thursday, August 19, 2010


Hi Friends, as you all have already read about the problem from which my daughter khushi was suffering from long time, khushi was unable to go to school for the last 1 year. My daughter khushi was suffering from the unknown problem for long time which later came to know and is now improving. Therefore she was unable to attend her school at her expected age. But now as she have recovered almost 75% and have started walking properly on her own, and also she have much control over her body, we all have decided to start her education and have made her admission in her pre schools. 

Now she is very happy and excited at the name of ‘schooling’. She loves to go to school although she cries little while going at first. She feels really excited when she came to know that she will also attend the school as like the other normal children. Although she was not so late for the schooling at this age of 3.75 years, this may be the right age for her to go to school. But we and all our other family members are always feared about her career and starting of her school. 

We always were depressed about her future and feared whether she will be able to go to school at her expected age or not. But THANK GOD, now the matter was solved.

KHUSHI IS NOW GOING TO SCHOOL. She has started her schooling and enjoys every moment of it. The new books were all purchased, new water bottle, new Tiffin boxes, new pencil boxes, new school bag, new shoes and socks, new uniform. She feels delighted to see all these new-new and calls “noo-noo” in her childish language.

That was the first day when she was preparing for her school. She was very happy then. Although she cried a lot, she remained calm after some time when she saw many of her co-aged children. We were thanking to god that she was starting for her education and our fear was worthless. We always knew that God can not be so rude with us; god will listen to us soon. And it was listened. Now we are only waiting for her 100% recovery which remained due to her weakness. We will be then fearless and tension free for her future and school and all that which she needs in her life which will make her life prosperous and happy.

Now when she goes to school she needs some extra care and attention which we have told to their teachers and school staffs. They were looking and giving some extra care to her, as we were expecting from them. As she also falls some times while running and walking she also need someone to take care of her so that she should not get heavily injured by it while she is playing with her friends.

Khushi’s mother was advised by her teachers to come with khushi to her school for some days until she manage to remain calm without her mother. After some week’s khushi’s school teachers and other staff members made us confident that now khushi can manage all herself and did not require her mother to come with her. They made us fully confident that now khushi is remaining quite and feels happy in school, now she is feeling like as home in school, so we can leave her alone with them.

At starting we afraid that we cannot leave khushi alone with them as they cannot manage to give her the full care as her mother. We feared that they will be unable to give her full care as she expect. But now we are confident that she can manage to go school and remain there alone. She now enjoys and feels excited with other children and also feels much better than before.

But anyways we all were now very happy about our daughter khushi and her future. khushi had started going to school alone without her mother. May god help my daughter khushi in her life and give her the bright future ahead.

I personally believe from my experiences that in many cases and at various turns of our lives we are really helpless and cannot do anything. We can only leave it to god and only do our tasks well that we can do. This is the only situation with us and our daughter khushi. I only feel that the future of khushi is totally dependent on the god and as god make her we will have to except it.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Daughter Khushi and Credit Cards

My daughter Khushi is now about 4 years and understands much about this world. She understands about the finances and all as we deal with them in our home. She helps me in counting the money and plays with all the coins. She also understands about the Debit and Credit cards.

It’s about the time when we ran out of the finances some time back. She understood the situation well and coped up with it. My credit was increasing and we were unable to return those in time. Credit rebuilding became much important for us.

But as the bad time does not remain forever, we passed out those bad times and rebuilt the credit by getting credit cards. Rebuild credit cards are the safest way of rebuilding your credit. They helped a lot to us.
There are several companies offering for the credit cards to rebuild credit but we had chosen the safest and reliable one for getting all back. They helped a lot in our credit rebuilding and gaining back out status.

Getting past credit issues can be frustrating, but with a credit card and positive spending habits, it can be done easily. Also keeping the card paid and using the same card for a long period of time can help you rebuild credit much more quickly.