Monday, June 21, 2010

Khushi Excited about cars

Khushi now loves to play indoors as well as outdoors. She is very fond of cars and loves to collect the ‘Hot wheels’ cars of different models. She loves to play with her collection of cars which she has got as a gift In her birthday.

The excitement of khushi is seen from the incidence which we have gone through recently. Recently we were on the vacation and were on the long drive to the nearby hill station to spend our summer vacations. Khushi was much excited about the holidays and done all the packing.

As we started our journey and leaved from the home in the car, khushi said to drive the car herself and said that she will take all of us to our destination. This was the moment which made us happy and felt laughed.

Unfortunately as we carried on our car’s wheels got punctured. And as we were at the middle of journey there was no mechanic available for the repair and we all have to change the wheel of the car our self. Khushi then also cried out and said to help us in the repair and helped us in the wheel changing with her small and tiny hands.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Khushi Fears of Fire

Khushi is now about three and half years old. She dance, study, learn and plays everything which comes in her way. She is much excited of learning all the things and picks up all the things rapidly which are explained to her. But we are only upset of about one and only one thing, which is her walking behavior. Khushi fears much from fire and tries to remain away from it when possible.

It was the time of great festival known as Deepawali when we all were very much delighted and khushi was also playing with crackers. As festival of Deepawali is a festival of beautiful crackers in India, all the people were exploding the crackers and making fun out there. We were also making fun with these crackers on our home terrace. Suddenly a cracker which was fired by me ran into our room from the window which was opened and caught fire.

Thank to god we controlled over it by the fire extinguishers present in our home. Co2 fire extinguishers are must for every home, offices, institutions and any place as it can be used anytime for quitting out the fire. The fire extinguishers are as a safety sign for you and can be used in case you get caught by fire. It can be used immediately to quit fire.

As we got caught by the fire and khushi had seen the fire, she is afraid of the fire from then. She tries to keep away from the fire and do not even touch the crackers. Although we believe that she is very brilliant and catch up all the things very rapidly as she is told, she could not cope up with her walking behavior. Till now she is only about 70% Ok from the problem she got into and by which she was unable to walk.