Friday, January 8, 2010

It’s Khushi's 3rd Birthday

It’s her Third Birthday (25-10-09), when everyone was so excited. We were very pleased this time. This is the time for happiness and making fun of. As my daughter Khushi is cured from all the unknown problems that trapped my little daughter until this time, so this was the celebration for all of us. But as we have just got out of that all, we were unable to celebrate it as grandly as it should be.

In spite we called our fast relatives and some friends and celebrated it. My khushi is looking very pretty and she is! We celebrated the third birthday and khushi cut the cake. Her Mausi(mother’s sister) has gifted her a pretty doll for a Doll. Her Two Chacha (my brother) and the two Mausis just can’t wait to capture these moments in the Digital Cam. Here are some of them which I can share…


Thursday, January 7, 2010


We now visit the temple of Shree Balaji Maharaji in Sarsol, (a small village in India) every time we get the time. It is like a very big holy place for us as my daughter khushi got recovered there and her problem got to be noticed there, which none of the big doctors can recognize. Now my daughter Khushi got recovered from these all evil affects, we got very much attached to the Lord Hanuman (Shree BalaJi Maharaj), because it was the powers of Shree balaji which made my daughter to get recovered.

It was one day when we were there, Guruji also happened to come there. As he comes in a month or two, to treat the possessed he came there and doing the treatment of the people. You are amazing on his ways of treatment but I can only say that it is only unseen powers in him given by god to treat the people. He is never proud of these powers and he never misuses these.

We were sitting on the carpet in the room and suddenly amazing powers arose in me. I was shaking badly in the manner that no common man can. This was not the first time when I was feeling these unseen and unknown powers as I had experienced it before also when the evil powers who captured my daughter spoke through me using my body. But the difference this time was that these powers were not evil they are PITRA DEVAS. Pitra Devs are the unseen powers, they can be helping or at the same time disastrous. Pitra Devs can be our Grandparents, fore fathers or any close relatives passed by us. They can help us even when they were actually dead. But it should be remembered that spirits are immortal and the good ones help us at each and every point of our life when we remember them. They will undoubtedly help us if we call them truly. We only can’t see them. But we can feel them in the air. Of course someone powerful enough to call them should be there.

So I am on the topic I was talking about the Pitra Dev which came inside me. On asked by my mother sitting there, it told us that she is my grandmother who had passed away some 15 years back. She also told her name and told us that she had come there to give some good news about Khushi …

Believe it or Not these are my personal experiences

I before proceeding from this point want to say that if you find these all useless and boring, if you believe these to be untrue and if you don’t believe in all this, just get out of here and leave here. But don’t try to make fun of it and mock about it. As I know that the things that I am telling here are totally unbelievable for most of the people in this fancy world. But either you Believe it or Not these are my personal experiences. They are totally true.

Although I also some time feel it impossible when I think of it, but any how it happened to me and that too in front of my family members. I could only say that If you believe in God you also have to believe in the existence of Evils. And if you believe in the powers of God you must have to believe in the powers of Evil. But the powers of evil are much less as compared to the powers of God and one day the evil had to lower down in front of God.
So I was telling about Our Pitra Deva, which gave some good news about Khushi. They told us that Khushi is 100% OK and had got rid from the evil powers that had captured her some 1 year back. They also told us that they are helping us and our family at each and every point of our life. They also told that they cannot save Khushi at the time because at that time they have lesser powers which today had increased to great extent by our prayers and regular worship of our Pitra Devas.

My Pitra (late Grandparents) also stated that “there is some weakness remained in the body of Khushi, because of which she is not 100% OK and she shakes a little. Although she balances lot now, some time she fell down because of this weakness. She will recover it soon in a month or two.” These all talks and then the Blessings of the Pitra Devas given to khushi overwhelmed us and we felt much honored. At this time we felt very satisfied as we were little bit worried about Khushi. But now we knew that the little problem left is due to the weakness in her body and she will be OK in a month or two. 


Khushi is not yet 100% OK

She of course was having some of the problems left in her legs which were due to the weakness in her body according to our Guruji. Guruji explained to us that “this is due to some weakness existing in her body and she will recover it completely in a month or two.” He also explained to us that as when we are ill for some time and then after recovering also we feel some weakness. Similar is the case for khushi. Since it happened to her for a complete one year she may take some time to recover completely. Guruji also explained to us that although she is completely recovered from the unknown disease which was found to be the evil powers, her body and legs are still weak enough to properly balance her. She will of course be 100% OK in some months.

At present Khushi is about 75% recovered and is able to balance her body, able to dance, walk, etc. a girl of about 1 year age, possessed by the evil powers, got recovered by the glory of God. All that was really amazing and unbelievable for us and for every human being, but all that happened to us and in front of us. No one can deny it. If you believe in God you should also believe in these all.